11 Pictures of Ferguson That Show How Businesses Lose Everything During Protests

Last night, angry protesters ripped through Ferguson, Missouri and other cities after a grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown last August. The riots were definitely the worst so far, but while people vent their anger over the controversial decision, the pictures show how an entire community is dislodged by social unrest.

Business owners especially are paying the price after finding out their businesses had burned down overnight. 25 buildings were set on fire by the protests and some areas look like war zones.. Business owners have no other choice but to rebuild if they can — it’s yet another lesson that at the very least, peace is more profitable than war.

ferg 4
A reporter inspects a burned down strip mall in Dellwood, Missouri.
ferg 5
A police officer tapes off the destroyed strip mall in Dellwood, Missouri.
ferg 11
A worker sweeps broken glass of a destroyed store in Dellwood, Missouri.
ferg 3
A store is completely destroyed in Dellwood, Missouri.
ferg 1
A store lays completely destroyed by fire in Dellwood, Missouri.
ferg 10
A reporter peers into a looted dry cleaners in Dellwood, Missouri.
ferg 2
Many cars were set on fire during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.
ferg 9
A gas station manager inspects the remains of his business after it was set on fire in Ferguson, Missouri.
ferg 8
Police officers tape off a destroyed strip mall in Dellwood, Missouri.
ferg 7
A store owner sweeps up broken glass in Ferguson, Missouri.
ferg 6
A row of cars set on fire last night in Dellwood, Missouri.
Source: NBC News, Business Insider

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