10 Things You Should NEVER Forget When You Become Rich & Successful

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The climb to the top of the success mountain is unequivocally a tough one. You put in sacrifice and long hours hoping that you can be better than average- or the best. However, once you finally reach your goals, there are certain things that you should never forget if you don’t want to potentially lose your mind and everything else you’ve worked for. Here are ten things you should never forget once you reach the high points in your life.

Gambling is a game of luck, and the odds are always against you.

It’s no secret that casino games are structured to where the house always has the greater edge. However, that doesn’t stop people from playing the game. The feeling of winning and having a big ego often deludes some of the richest people into mountains of debt. Former NBA star Charles Barkley once admitted that he lost $2.5 million in six hours by gambling.

In the end, remember that gambling is just a fun pastime that you enjoy with friends or family. A good way to control yourself is to simply give yourself a “stop loss.” Before you enter the casino, give yourself a number where if you lost that amount, you would immediately stop and walk away. Having friends there to force you to honor that stop loss helps too.

The struggles of starting from the bottom.

When you obtain a certain level of success, it can be easy to lose yourself simply because your way of life is now so vastly different from when you first started. With that being said, whether it’s Bill Gates or the janitor cleaning your bathroom, treat everyone equally with the utmost respect regardless of the “class” they’re in.

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”

– Samuel Johnson

The people that helped you when you were at the bottom.

No matter how great and talented you are, you don’t climb to the top without help from others. Industry innovators like Michael Jordan and Bill Gates both cite mentors and peers that molded them into the people they are today. Never forget the people that made even small gestures for you during your time of need and make sure to give back. You’ll find added purpose in your life and feel more fulfilled.

You can’t fix everything with money.

Often times, I run into kids with rich parents who are constantly neglected because their folks are out focusing on work. Because of that, they compensate for their lack of attention by giving money to their kids. While this may act as a great short-term fix, there can be very detrimental consequences. Oftentimes, you need to really immerse yourself and be hands-on for certain issues that need to be solved. The same goes for friends; sometimes just showing you care by spending time with them is much more impactful than simply handing them money, as the old saying goes:

“Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat forever.”

Happiness comes from giving.

Studies show that spending on others actually makes you more happy than spending on yourself.

Harvard Professor Michael Norton explains:

“A lot of our research shows that you can get much more happiness out of money by giving it away than spending it on yourself. I don’t mean you have to give away a billion dollars, I mean you can give away five dollars and make yourself happier over the course of a day. Think about instead of getting yourself another expensive coffee, take that five dollars and buy coffee for someone else, give it to a street performer, donate it to charity- you’d get more happiness out of it literally the minute you do it.”

Control your damn urges!

Everyone has sexual urges that they need to fulfill. It’s no secret that when you become more rich and successful, getting laid as a man gets a lot easier; it’s either your newfound confidence that attracts people or your money that attracts golddiggers and escorts. However, it’s extremely important that you maintain a healthy level of control. One wrong move and you could be faced with blackmail for a sex crime you didn’t commit (i.e. Kobe Bryant), or a divorce costing you tons of money (i.e. Michael Jordan paying his ex-wife $168 million in a divorce settlement after he cheated on her), or getting fired from your startup (i.e. Tinder Co-founder Justin Mateen). If anything, you need to be even more careful of the people you meet and take steps in making the right choices for yourself, or else you could lose everything you worked so hard for all because of your pathetic hunger for pussy.

There will always be someone better, but never compare yourself to them.

One common recurrence I see in the rich people I’ve met is their constant need to want more after attaining a certain level of success. Trying to be the best is great, but don’t let it eat you alive to the point where you ignore everything else that is important – like enjoying life! What’s good about achieving great things when you don’t give yourself the chance to enjoy it all in the end?

Get help.

You’re not superman, there are things you are not good at doing. With more money and fame comes more responsibilities and better life management. Because of that, make sure you are bringing people in who can fulfill those weaknesses. This can be as simple as a personal assistant to a coach who knows how to properly manage your money and health. Making these small investments can ensure you don’t hit complete rock bottom if shit ever hits the fan.

Stay off the hard drugs!

While weed can have it’s certain benefits, hard drugs like heroin, meth, and cocaine can have extremely detrimental effects in your life. Sure, you might experiment with them because you’re bored one day, but before you know it, you’ll spiral into addiction without even knowing it, become schizophrenic, or lose everything before the blink of an eye. Stay smart!

Your purpose in life.

Having money simply offers you the freedom to tell people to f*ck off without worrying too much about the negative consequences. While your newfound freedom allows you to experience new pleasures, never forget what your true purpose is. Is it helping others? Building products that have a lasting impact? No matter what it is, knowing how to reach the top of the mountain will never be as fulfilling compared to remembering why you did it in the first place.

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