10 Things You Need to Let Go of to Be Truly Successful


Working for yourself and growing a business from the ground up as an entrepreneur equates to a life of sacrifice. You aren’t allowed many of the comforts “normal” people get to enjoy in life. Is it easy? Absolutely not. But is it worth it? You can bet your life that it is.

Building your own success with your own two hands and brain is a lifetime achievement, but it also means you’ll have to let go of some important things, if only for a small while. Here are ten things you will definitely have to drop if you take your first steps to self-made success.

1. Your age.

If you are a young entrepreneur, just thinking of your young age as an obstacle makes it one. So what if you’ve experienced it first hand by being disregarded by older associates. Like failure, it’s just something you have to shrug off and grind through.

2. Fear.

It’s probably the most powerful force that holds you back from accomplishing anything. It’s a well known fact that more than 90% of startups fails; there is a 100% chance that as an entrepreneur you will meet failure at least once. If you let those points stop you from taking that first step, you’ve already lost the game. Going for it knowing you will fail is what makes a real and successful entrepreneur later on.

3. Your gender.

Especially in the case of women, there is a huge difference in the mentality between those who aren’t sure they can make it in a “man’s world” and those who intend to dominate everyone on the scene. Yes it’s (unfortunately) true that some entrepreneurs, like Tinder founders Justin Mateen and Sean Rad, have this frat bro mentality that girls can’t run a business as evidenced by their recent sexual harassment lawsuit. But that’s not the norm, we promise, and in today’s business world, creativity and accomplishment always outweigh gender.

4. Wanting to be rich.

It’s quickly becoming common wisdom for smart young entrepreneurs that if you do it for the money, you are guaranteed to fail. Whether it’s growing a startup or playing poker, going in with a results-oriented mentality won’t help you fare well. You hustle because you love it or because you are good at it, and when you are really talented at what you do, making money will be the least of your worries. In the words of former drug kingpin Freeway Rick Ross:

“…money is not the motivating factor….money is the trophy you get from doing a job well; and a lot of people don’t understand that and what they do is they reach for money first. Well I’m not reaching for money, I’m reaching for development, I’m reaching for the top, the best, and I know that once you do those things, then the money is the reward…”

5. Wanting to live up to the image.

You can easily spot these kinds of people- they dress flashy to the point that it’s tacky, they drive luxury cars they can’t afford, and you can smell their arrogant ego a mile away. They aim to look successful to be successful. I can tell you now, that image only hides their bullsh*t and the truly successful people can detect that front better than most. Assuming you don’t dress like a barbarian, no one cares about your clothes. In a world of prudent investments, people care that you have character, that you have great ideas, and that they can trust you with their money. Let go of thinking that looking successful will make you so.

6. Your significant other.

You have to ask yourself, are they holding you back? There are really only two different types of partners when you are an entrepreneur- the one’s that support you, help you grow, and really push you to be the best possible version of yourself, or the one’s that aren’t that interested and get jealous of the time you spend working and not with them. Those are two general and polar stereotypes, but everything falls in between those two. When you have the latter, you have to let them go- your business is your livelihood and you must live with that burden if you aim to be very successful later.

7. Your ego.

It goes back to that saying that in order to be able to lead, you have to learn how to follow first. Some entrepreneurs just can’t drop their huge egos that make them the douchebag “bosses” they think they are; they fail to realize that real respect is earned through modesty and grace. Jason Strauss, co-founder of some of the hottest nightclubs in the world like Marquee and Tao, shared what annoys him most about entrepreneurs who think they are bigger than they are:

“…A lot of entrepreneurs get into a business and their operating almost like a CEO standard and they haven’t gone from the ground up. They have an idea and they want to be a president and they’re sitting there managing employees, but they’ve never been an actual employee.”

8. Laziness.

If there are two things an entrepreneur needs to have to reach success, it’s balls and the drive to do whatever it takes- most of the time, it just takes a ton of hard work. I know too many young entrepreneurs who’s definition of hard work is a few measly hours a day spent on their startup. A real entrepreneur knows that working on a startup is realistically a 24/7 job with no days off. If you want to reach success, you have to accept that there’s no path to real success without going through hard work.

9. Not getting laid.

Simply put, growing a company is not for the sexually frustrated. Unsurprisingly, this is a main problem for men in business. As a typical entrepreneur or small business owner, this is just part of the lifestyle- you can’t afford to go off trying to look for an easy lay when you should be working- not that it’s impossible, but it shouldn’t be a priority. Even worse are the business people who are always getting in trouble for trying to take cookies from the workplace cookie jar. You have to let go of messing around like this knowing that when you are really successful, you can do that all day if you want.

10. Living like a “loser.”

An entrepreneur who is bootstrapping a startup is the kind that never leaves home, doesn’t have money to go out, and is always working- this isn’t a socially fun or easy way of life, but keep in mind it’s only temporary. As a very wise and anonymous person once said:

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

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