10 Interesting Bitcoin Deals for Black Friday


It’s Black Friday and you know that means crazy deals on just about everything.  But this year, retailers are embracing the bitcoin madness by offering deals on random and cool items you can purchase and get discounts on by using bitcoins.  You never know what you’ll find on Black Friday, but here is a list of some cool finds that just went live today.

1. iPhone 5S 24ct Gold Edition

Looking to ball out this year with a 24 karat gold iPhone 5S? Luxury bitcoin store is offering a discount on an unlocked golden iPhone when you purchase with bitcoins.  We aren’t sure what’s more ridiculous here, the ability to buy cool stuff with digital money or that fact that someone made a golden iPhone.


2. DSLR Cameras

Unleash the photographer in you with Bitdazzle’s deals on DSLR cameras when you buy with bitcoins.  DSLRs are normally crazy expensive, but with these bitcoin deals, we can now at least look like legit photographers or take some high quality selfies.


3. 3D Printers

3D printing supplier MakerGeeks accepts bitcoins for 3D printers, parts and kits.  3D printers are usually too damn expensive for us normal people but for those of us with bitcoins this year, use this chance to buy, and I guess now print, your own cool toys.


4. Tablets, Phones, and Computers

No Black Friday would be complete without electronics. Coinsfortech and BitcoinStore are offering deals on a ton of electronics this year for bitcoins.  Avoid the ridiculous crowds of people throwing fists for an HD TV at Wal-Mart and shop from home using bitcoins!


5. Freaking Lasers

Who doesn’t like lasers? Bitlasers is selling blue, green and red lasers for 15% percent off when you buy with bitcoins.  Whether you want to tease your cat or attach it to the head of a shark, this Black Friday deal is pretty sweet.


6. Coffee Coffee Coffee!

Energize yourself in style with an espresso maker this year.  BitDazzle is offering espresso machines for only $60 dollars when you buy with bitcoins.  It could also make for a great gift for someone because everyone needs caffeine right?


7. Do you perchance, LARP?

Are you sitting on a pile of bitcoins with the burning desire to LARP?  Larp Exchange offers a 15% discount on leather and latex costumes for those of you who want to either dress like an elf or the gimp from Pulp Fiction.


8. Come Fly With Me

Thinking of getting away?  If you don’t have the bitcoins to leave the planet on one of Richard Branson’s spaceships, you can at least get some discounts on airfare this year by purchasing with bitcoins.  CheapAir, btctrip, and btc Vacations offer discounts on flights and hotels when you use bitcoins.

tahiti_plane (1)

9. Video Games

There are a number of outlets now that are allowing you to buy video games with bitcoins.  Bitinvader is offering up to 30% off of consoles, video games and accessories and free shipping when you buy with bitcoins.


10. Bitcoin Mining Equipment

“I think I’m getting the black lung, Pop.”  Today’s digital miners won’t have to worry about that though.  This years Black Friday gives bitcoin users the chance to reinvest in themselves and purchase computer equipment that can be used to mine for even more bitcoins.  Check out OpenRigs and VirtualMiningCorp for good deals.


Source: BitcoinBlackFriday


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