10 Basic Style Rules Every Male Entrepreneur Should Follow


As an entrepreneur, success isn’t about looking like it, but dressing like early Zuckerberg definitely won’t help you unless you are a true tech genius. There is a certain look  that all young entrepreneurs should maintain especially if they want to stick out of the crowd, be remembered, and market their brand- appearances are everything in this case. It’s not about the designer brands, fashion trends, or looking rich, it’s simply about style- the clothes, the hairstyle, your shoes, and also the way you carry and take care of yourself gives other people a positive impression and memory of you.

The lifestyle of an entrepreneur isn’t glamorous, nor should it be, but it needs professional and adult standards. These are ten basic tips for entrepreneurs to look and feel their best while on the path to success.

1. Wear the right clothes for once.

The one thing I hate about California is that no one knows how to dress. Baggy t-shirts with obnoxious logos and shorts are the norm, and somehow many entrepreneurs believe this look will sell their brand and company. In an ideal world, we’d all wear impeccably fitted Italian suits, but tailored, modestly patterned collared shirts and slim fit pants (jeans can work too) is a simple, timeless, and professional look. Avoid baggy clothes, logos, or anything that looks stressed, and iron your clothes, tuck your shirt in once in a while, and wear a nice leather belt. This fact is true- the East Coast has more style.

2. Style that hair.

Every real man uses product in their hair. Certain styles are more professional than others too, but perhaps this point would best be summed up with the simple question, “How would Leonardo DiCaprio style his hair?” Next time you go to the barber, try a slick back or side part cut- both are classic looks. And take care of your hair, look clean cut, and care about the products you wash and style your hair with.

3. Please shave.

It was Shakespeare who said, “He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man,” but not all men run their own businesses. The facial hair look is only for certain entrepreneurs- Richard Branson, Larry Ellison, and especially when the hair on your head is thinning, Steve Jobs. But for most, the clean shaven look is youthful, stylish, and classically professional. Unless you have the face for it and you keep it trim, having a beard will only make you look like an entrepreneur with pubes on your face.

4. Smile!

I feel that we don’t all know how important it is to smile. We smile because we are happy, it shows others we are happy, but studies show that smiling works the other way around and also makes us feel happy without actually being happy. Taking it a step further, whiten those teeth with a whitening toothpaste and use a chapstick if you have dry lips. Having a great looking smile makes it easier to do so, and people are generally more open to happier people with a great smile.

5. The importance of your shoes.

As a businessman, the kind of shoes you wear are so much more important than you think. For starters, they better be leather. Do you really think you are going to look successful wearing smudged up sneakers? You can’t go wrong with oxfords, wingtips, longwings, blucher or derby shoes, or some sleek loafers. Look into investing and caring for a great pair of shoes if you are ready to look more like a businessman and less like a fashionless boy.

6. Wear a watch.

It may seem a bit old school, but a watch is an accessory every man should have. It actually is faster than pulling out your phone to tell the time and having a nice watch on your wrist compliments your entire outfit. It’s all about looking professional for this one- stay away from digital watches and get something in gold or silver, whatever looks better or suits your personality more. Leather straps are also classy and modest. There are a lot of very cheap watches that look the part if you are strapped for cash, but a heavy, decent looking designer watch will usually start around $250 at Nordstrom or Macy’s.

7. Exude confidence.

Don’t leave home without an attitude and look that makes people gravitate to you. Looking great makes you feel more comfortable, makes you more confident, and lets your more charming side expose itself. Exercise open body language- never slouch, look relaxed wherever you sit or stand, and look people in the eye when you talk to them. Don’t be afraid to talk to new or random people either- if you look confident, people will be more comfortable approaching you or more open when you approach them. Whether it’s talking to venture capitalist or hitting on a beautiful woman, confidence is the one factor that covers everything.

8. Get a quick workout in.

Especially when sitting at a computer all day is how you grow your business, exercising is crazy important. Over time it makes you stronger, healthier, and makes you look more masculine. There are also more immediate effects you’d appreciate. Getting a quick workout in, especially lifting weights, pumps more blood into your muscles and makes you look toned for a period of time after your workout.

9. Take care of your skin.

Women aren’t the only ones who should have beautiful skin. Staying acne and blemish free is a necessary part of looking healthy, clean, and also feeling confident about yourself. Using a good face wash for your type of skin is really important. Most of the time, I just use whatever products my girlfriend uses- exfoliators, cleansing washes, pore-unclogging masks, and hydrating moisturizers- I look great so no complaints there. Try something new, even if it doesn’t look “manly” enough.

10. Eat Like a Boss = Look and Feel like a Boss

This last point ties many of the other points together. Feeling great and looking your best is directly linked to eating right. Drink plenty of water every day, all day, to stay hydrated- it affects your appearance, is linked to good skin, and keeps you energized because you can’t function well (or tell) if you are even mildly dehydrated. Eat good food, none of that greasy fast food or those sugary junk snacks. Grass-fed beef, chicken and fish, organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains can literally change your life when you get into the habit of eating well.

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