You Won’t Need a Bottle When You Can Drink Water From A… Blob?


Some people drink water out of bottles, others out of the tap, but a blob? Three London-based industrial design students have created Ooho, a water container made of a membrane using a process called spherification, and it’s easy and cheap to make, hygienic, biodegradable, and edible. Watch how it’s made:

Ooho founders Rodrigo García González, Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche created the membrane as a way to solve the problem of disposable bottles filling up landfills. Co-founder Rodrigo García González explains, “The reality is that more and more, when we drink water we throw away a plastic bottle… Eighty percent of them are not recycled. This consumerism reflects the society in which we live.”

The Ooho membrane is made of a brown algae and calcium chloride compound that looks like a gel that holds the water- and it only costs two cents to make. The water is frozen while the easy to make packaging seals the water with a double membrane, one that makes it possible for labels to fit in between. While it looks bizarre, the disposable bottle alternative won the second annual Lexus Design Award this year and will be on display during Milan Design Week.

While it’s an interesting concept, the Ooho isn’t exactly perfect. You can imagine how messy it could be to drink water out a round pouch, not to mention how weird it would be to eat the edible membrane that you would have to somehow keep clean while transporting. Ooho is a valiant effort in the name of the environment, but consumers might still prefer a water bottle to drinking out of something that reminds you of the sad-faced blobfish.


You might not see these water filled blobs filling up shelves at the grocery store, but you can try it for yourself at home. “Anyone can make them in their kitchen, modifying and innovating the recipe,” says García. “It’s not DIY but CIY–cook it yourself.”

Source: Co.Exist

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