Why Looking Pretty At Work Is Important… For Men

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Say you are an average guy working a typical office job. You make an effort to look professional, but would you ever use cosmetics to make yourself look… pretty? A recent survey shows that men in China wouldn’t hesitate to answer that question with a ‘yes.’

According to a report by Kantar Worldpanel, 73% of men in China’s biggest cities said that looking good was essential for success for both men and women. What’s surprising is that this statistic pushed up sales in personal grooming products specifically for men by seven percent in China this year.

In an economy that’s hard to find a job and even in a society that’s dangerously full of dudes, it’s almost no surprise that Chinese men have gone the extra mile to look good or stand out to find a job. According to the report, in China, the average man uses 2.5 facial products daily, but only 13% of men surveyed use deodorant regularly.  It would seem it really is just about looks and not about overall hygiene.  This trend isn’t exactly new in Asia given the pop culture scene over there, but Americans are pretty superficial, that’s true on the west coast at least. Would you be “man enough” to wear makeup if it gave you an edge in the job market?

Share your thoughts gentlemen.

Source: Businessweek

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