Website PitchGrub Will Help Entrepreneurs Develop the Perfect Elevator Pitch

pitch grub

There is now a website out there called PitchGrub that helps entrepreneurs design the perfect elevator pitch and taglines for their startups and products.

Using an algorithm, it rearranges the details you provide in the categories and gives you “the perfect pitch” to use when you come across an investor. Why you needed such a website when you already have the details is perplexing, though it may be because, as ValleyWag’s Sam Biddle eloquently put it, “you are possibly brain dead.”

We decided to give it a try with our mock company “MeowTech” that focuses on bluetooth enabled gadgets for today’s business minded cats. After filling in six categories of information, PitchGrub simply reorganizes it tells you what goes where. Here’s how it looks:



That’s a lot of cats; too bad they don’t all have money.

PitchGrub is more interesting and fun for the 3 minutes you are on it, but has no other use. Coming up with a pitch isn’t rocket science, it just takes knowledge and passion in your startup and product.

As interesting as it may be, let’s be honest here. If you have to use this website, you probably aren’t going to make it as an entrepreneur.

H/T: ValleyWag

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