WATCH: Startup Tases Intern With Stun Gun Drone

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Recently, startup Chaotic Moon Studios invited a reporter from Popular Science to see a live demonstration of a stun gun-loaded drone.

They needed a subject to test the drone on, so naturally they picked an intern to get tased with 80,000 volts of electricity.

Chaotic said that the drone could be used by law enforcement to incapacitate criminals.

Is it safe you ask? We can’t answer that, but according to an article on Gizmodo, this is how much electricity it would take to kill you:

“Seven milliamps. For three seconds. That’s all it takes. Electricity kills you by interrupting your heart rhythm. If seven milliamps reaches your heart continuously for three seconds, “your heart goes arrhythmic,” he explained. Then everything else starts shutting down. “You could quite easily kill someone with a 9-volt or AAA battery directly to the heart.

The reason electricity isn’t able to murder millions of people a day with ultra-tiny shocks is that our bodies have built-in resistance against electricity, so it doesn’t shoot straight to our heart. The skin’s resistance is about 5,000 to 15,000 ohms. Adam said that “it’s super difficult to quantify” precisely how much juice you need to break through, since there’s all kinds of variables in play, like the clothes you’re wearing. Not to mention, “how do you quantify that someone’s actually died?”

Sounds like this could be quite an interesting initiation ritual for future interns.

Sebastian is a graduate of NYU where he studied communication but developed a thirst for entrepreneurship and success. Apart from being involved in edgy apparel startups, Sebastian now puts his gritty opinions into writing and lives off hip-hop, coffee, online dating and chocolate mint Muscle Milk.
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