UNICEF is Giving Clean Water to Children in Need If You Don’t Touch Your Phone


Our generation is alway so engrossed in our phones that it seems like we can’t last a minute without it. Now, thanks to UNICEF, you can actually do some good in the world by not touching your phone.

From February 14 to 28, the UNICEF Tap Project would like to challenge the world to put down their phones. For every minute that you don’t use your phone, UNICEF’s sponsors will donate funding equivalent to one days worth of water for a child in need.

Doesn’t sound like a bad tradeoff eh? You can use the extra time to read a book or actually pay attention to the person sitting across from you during lunch/dinner.

To take the challenge, go to tap.unicefusa.org using your mobile phone. Comment below on how long you were able to last!

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