This Prank Video Proves Women Only Care About Fame and Money

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This video is an embarrassment to women everywhere. I swear there are proper ladies out there who don’t just care about fame and fortune.

YouTube Prankster Yousef Erakat aka fouseyTUBE recently uploaded a video of himself trying to woo a girl. When it came time to ask her if she’d like his number, she declined and seemed very adamant about it.

However, a few seconds later, his friend comes and manages to convince the girl that Erakat is actually someone famous after a brief exchange of dialogue. What she does after makes me cringe.

Come on ladies, we are better than this.

Sarah Lesnar is a recent graduate at USC. She majored in Broadcast Journalism and loves to write every moment she gets. Aside from her passion in writing, she also loves her cats Sam and Minka.
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