This is the Sickest Touchscreen for People Who Hate Touchscreens


For everyone out there who hasn’t had a wonderful relationship with touchscreens, your world is about to change. Tactus Technology introduced a touchscreen at last year’s CES that raises touchable buttons from a flat touchscreen when you need it. Now, Tactus is coming to the market this year with a possible phone and tablet and it will blow your mind.

Here’s how it works. The surface of the screen is this semi-elastic polymer with tiny little channels underneath that are filled with a very unique micro-fluid. When you want to activate the buttons, the channels build pressure, the polymer stretches and like a droplet of water the button emerges from the flat screen wherever they need to. Finally, for those who suffer from the annoyance of flat touchscreens or still cling to keypad Blackberry phones, we are saved.



Source: TactusTechnology, Business Insider
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