This is the Most Fun You’ll Have Learning Chinese in 10 Minutes

With the demand for Chinese speakers growing, it can sometimes be overwhelming for a person to learn a hard new language quickly. Luckily, internet entrepreneur ShaoLan Hsueh has developed a way for you to experience the most fun you’ve ever had learning Chinese the easy way through her startup Chineasy.

In an interview with CNA, Hsueh say that she hopes “to help those with a fear of the Chinese language to get rid of those feelings.” Chineasy makes the learning process easier by making each Chinese character a fun and whimsical illustration. This visual makes it easier for the learner to understand the meaning behind each character.

The company launched a Kickstarter campaign at the end of last year and raised almost $200,000 when their campaign ended in August. The first lesson was released on YouTube today; we are sure you’ll be learning Chinese with a smile on your face:

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