This is Avicii’s Stunning $15 Million Hollywood Home


If you’ve ever wondered the kind of lifestyle being a successful EDM artist gets you, now you know.

According to Your EDM, Avicii has purchased 1475 Blue Jay Way in Los Angeles and is making it his primary residence.

The home is 7,000 square ft and costs a whopping $15,750,000. As you can see in the tweet by the artist below, this house has a killer view of Downtown LA.


Check out these pics of the residence below courtesy of The Pinnacle List:

avicii_2 Avicii_4 Avicii_3 Avicii_5 Avicii_9 Avicii_21 Avicii_22 Avicii_17 Avicii_7 Avicii_6 Avicii_23 Avicii_18 Avicii_8 Avicii_14 Avicii_27 Avicii_12 Avicii_24 Avicii_28 Avicii_25 Avicii_20 Avicii_13

Avicii_10 Avicii_11 Avicii_29 Avicii_15 Avicii_26 Avicii_16 Avicii_19

Avicii_31 Avicii_30

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