This Interview With the Playboy King of Instagram Gets Crazy Really Fast


Half-naked girls, sick cars, private jets, more half-naked girls, guns, and a cat. Did we mention the half-naked girls everywhere? You’ve probably seen it all on Instagram somewhere, pictures that look like they came from a movie, but they belong to Dan Bilzerian, the King of Instagram.

These pics are made possible by Dan’s insane poker career and some great amateur photography. When you understand how this badass lives, we bet you’ll start rethinking some life goals and asking what if. We had the pleasure of talking to Dan over the phone where we got caught up in an interesting conversation that we weren’t expecting.

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Dan’s life is mostly full of ups now, but how he came to be the Instagram King started with rocky beginnings. Dan’s family was modest until his father made it big on Wall Street but then got indicted and sentenced to a year in jail. Hm, almost sounds like a movie that came out recently, no? So with his family fighting the government, Dan tells us about how much of a troublemaker he was, getting kicked out of several schools for disciplinary reasons, joining and then getting kicked out of the military (Dan, being the beast he is, almost completed Navy SEAL training), then how he went on to attend the University of Florida where, to no surprise, he didn’t finish. This is also when his poker career began to take off.

“I didn’t graduated college because I was doing really well in poker and business and stuff, so I went for four years but didn’t graduate, I don’t know it was kind of crazy you know some weeks I was making like $90,000 and I’m looking at these professors and I’m like, ‘F*ck what am I doing here?’ So…”

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So we started by asking him to tell us some random and interesting stories from his poker tournaments. Here’s what he had to say:

“A buddy of mine offered a girl, you know, one of the cocktail waitresses, $140,000 to suck a buddy of mine’s dick at the table, who she’d already done it for, and she said no which is kind of crazy.”

“One of the founding guys of Facebook offered me $100,000 to shave my beard and I said no to that.”

And then for the cherry on top:

“One guy got so f*cked up, he shit on the floor and tracked it through the house and I said to my buddy, I was like, ‘F*ck this guy shit on your floor, he’s like tracking shit through your house.’ He said, ‘This guy lost $700,000, if you lose $700,000 in a $10,000 dollar buy-in poker game, he can shit in my bed if he wants to!’ That was kind of funny.”

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So what is it like to live such an exciting life with more money than most could spend? It makes you cynical. Surprised? Here’s what Dan told us about the people he does business with:

“I mean, I’m kind of a no new friends type of guy you know? So everybody’s here like they’re trying to get something and everybody’s got a f*cking business idea so I don’t really listen to that shit. I’m not trying to filter through any of that stuff anymore. I do business with people I know and I kind of leave it at that. I don’t know, after you reach a certain point, everybody is trying to pitch you their idea… You just got to shut it all off so I don’t even pay attention to those people.”

We then moved on to talking about his epic Instagram pics and what the truth was behind all the awesomeness. We weren’t expecting what would happen though- Dan was interrupted and this is how he dealt with it:

“It’s one of those things where… Um… Hang on, I got some f*cking retard putting their hand on my car. God damn it, it sucks when people are taking pictures and shit. God damn it.. Anyways, so… Alright they f*cking left before I got there, damn it. Anyways, the Instagram thing, about 90% of it is [true], you know, stuff that happens probably 20% of the time? And I’d say 80% of my life is just hanging out, making calls, hanging out with friends, whatever, and you got that 20% that’s super over the top stuff… Although recently I’ve been doing a lot of crazy stuff, I mean to me it seems kind of normal but when you don’t really work and you are playing poker once in a while you got a lot of free time so…”

Then of course we have to ask about the girls in his pics. Who ARE these girls? Dan seemed to get low-key about it though, so you know there’s a juicy story behind it that can’t be told here.

“Um, I mean, some, you know, they’re girls I hang out with, you know, some are friends, some are friends of friends, and… yeah, I don’t know.”


When you have a massive amount of money and time, you basically live out your dreams, so we asked Dan about his bucket list, but just in time for another guy to set Dan off:

(Dan yelling at people) “Will you stop touching my f*cking car? Yeah seriously, f*cking don’t touch my shit… God damn it, it’s so f*cking annoying, I’ve got 50 f*cking [people] around my car. Anyways, keep going, what were you saying?”

The bucket list Dan, what’s on your bucket list?

“You know I’ve done most of the shit I want to do honestly. Um, I mean I’m focusing on the movies but, I mean, I’m doing this contest, I don’t know I probably shouldn’t talk about it until I announce it but, I don’t know. Steve, can I talk about that yet or not?”

(Steve, Dan’s publicist) “Yeah I’d leave that out right now.”

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Damn, okay, well what about the most insane stunt you’ve ever done?

(Dan yelling again) “Get your f*cking hand out of my car! What is wrong with these f*cking people? You don’t put your hand in another person’s f*cking car. Stupid mother f*cker! God damn it, it’s like the most ridiculous shit ever. I’m going to f*cking knock somebody’s ass out. Um, anyways, what were you saying?”

God how I wish I was seeing this live. You were going to tell us more about the insane stunts you’ve done.

“I bet $400,000 on a drag race, that was pretty crazy. Let’s see, I’m trying to think of other shit I did… Trying to think…”

(Steve) “The alligator, swimming in the alligator lake.”

“That wasn’t really a [stunt], that was just somebody going, ‘Hey I don’t think you’d do it’ and I just did it. I had a lake that had alligators in it and f*cking, I don’t know, my buddy’s like, ‘I don’t think you’ll swim across it Dan,’ so I did it. And it was pretty scary, I mean it was like midnight and it was pitch black and there were a lot of weeds and shit so every time I was swimming through it, it felt like there were snakes on my leg and I know there were snakes in the lake too so I don’t know, it was kind of scary.”


So, does someone as badass as you have a mentor or idol? Dan thought about it for a little and finally came up with an answer.

“David Goggin, I would say he’s a guy that I look up to. He was a SEAL and he did those ultra marathons and he did the 150 mile run- there was actually one where it was unlimited and it was just how far he can go in 24 hours and the guy went 300 some miles. He went like, further than a Suburban on a full tank of gas which is incredible and the guy used to weigh 280 pounds, so for a guy like that with his frame to do something like that is insane. The first one, I mean, he was pissing blood, broke his foot… the guy’s an animal. That’s probably one of the guys that I look up to.”

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Do yourself a favor and check out Dan’s Instagram here.

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