Man Wearing “Los Pollos Hermanos” T-Shirt Gets Busted For Running Meth Lab

The hit series “Breaking Bad” has probably inspired a little bit of Walter White in all of us, though not everybody can (or should) rock that swag. Drug dealers are entrepreneurs too, definitely not the smartest ones though, especially if they get caught like this:

21-year-old Daniel Kowalski was busted on two counts of possession of methamphetamine and materials needed to produce meth, both felonies, near LaGrange, Illinois. His home was filled with beakers, burners, chemicals, and a dozen jars of psychedelic mushrooms after police were were tipped off to his DIY meth lab. If he learned anything from the show, he should have bought a Winnebago and taken it out on the road, though he was already on an ankle monitor for running a lab last summer. Wearing the Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirt was just the cherry on top for this joker.


We were reminded of an important life lesson today. First, don’t cook meth. If Walter White couldn’t get out of it, you don’t stand a chance. I wonder if he could have guessed that day when he put on the Los Pollos Hermanos shirt that he’d be caught. Best case of foreshadowing. Ever.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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