This Chinese Restaurant Gives Zero F*cks About What You Think


I’ve often heard complaints about Chinese people being rude (disclosure: I’m half Chinese – which means I only eat 50 percent of everything that breathes), but really, I think Chinese people just aren’t going to take your shit. In other words, yeah, they are rude, but it’s just because they’ve had it up to here with Communists, Nordstrom associates who won’t bargain with them on designer accessories and white people who want to know whether their roast ducks were vegetarian fed (and then complain that everything is “too spicy”).


Case in point: The owner of a small Chinese restaurant named SO in San Francisco’s SoMa shut down his restaurant — a staple of the area — for a day because customers had reportedly been giving him shit. And he wasn’t going to take their shit. So he shut things the fuck down and posted a sign to his window that read, “We are closed because of you … (customers), So … yes we use MSG! So … we don’t believe in organic food and we don’t give a shit about gluten free.” Confucious say: Get your shit out of here, you modern-day hippies!


According to Eater, an employee claims that the owner closed shop for the day after one dining party had refused to pay their bill because the food was “too spicy” and then another cursed at the owner.

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