This Band Made $20,000 From Spotify Doing Absolutely Nothing

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Vulfpeck, a Los Angeles-based band, was able to scam Spotify out of $20,000 by doing literally nothing.

In March, the band launched their album Sleepify on Spotify; the album is completely silent and they asked their fans to basically stream the album on repeat as they slept.

The intention was to help raise funds so that the band could tour for free without charging any admission fees. Eventually they managed to make $20,000 in royalties.

But like all good things, they eventually always come to an end as their album was removed off Spotify last week, citing a violation of their terms and conditions.

If you look at the bands social media followings online, it’s actually not very big. This makes it even more amazing that they were able to get so many fans to commit to this. Hats off to Vulpeck!

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