Think Your Business Card is Cool? Check Out These Creative Designs

As an entrepreneur looking to really stand out, a creative business card is an absolute necessity. Where some print their boring, one sided business cards on cheap card stock with some lame logo, you want to go the extra mile to make people remember you, to let them know you are damn creative, and to make them feel special for even getting one of your business cards. Check out these super creative business cards. How does yours match up?

Splittable Divorce Lawyer

divorce lawyerdivorce lawyer 2




Cheese Grater Card

cheese grater 2cheese grater


Cosmetic Surgeon Card

cosmetic surgeon


Yoga Mat Card

yoga mat


Circumciser’s Business Card (Ouch.)



Event Photographer’s Viewpoint

event photographer


Usable Cigarette Filter Business Card

cigarette filtercigarette filter 2cigarette joint


Stretchy Personal Trainer’s Card

stretchy personal trainer


Hair Dresser Card

hair designerhair designer 2


Usable Bike Multi-Tool Card

bike multi toolbike multitool


Transparent Hipster Business Cards

stylish transperancy

Lego Person Business Card

lego business car



Edible Dried Meat Survival Training Card

dried meat


Designer Seed-Packet Card

chia petchia oet 2


Source: Imgur


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