The Top 5 Cars for Entrepreneurs

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So you’re an entrepreneur and just made your first million? Or perhaps you’re a million in the hole? It  can go either way, but what won’t change is having to share the road with hundreds of million of  drivers. So what’s a striving/starving entrepreneur to do? Here we present you a list of five cars in order of ascending retail value for the entrepreneurial minded individual.

1. 2000-2006 Honda Insight ($6,000)


For the social entrepreneur that is not quite ready to join the green party. Want to free your mind like Neo from the Matrix? How about driving one of the most fuel efficient gas automobiles out? Made back in the time when a car could weigh under a ton. EPA rated at 62 city and 68 highway, they regularly average up to 20mpg higher due to the vehicle’s lightness. The prices of these fluctuate often depending on gas prices at the time. One stand out option is the ability to purchase one with manual transmission; a rarity for a hybrid. You will surely be driving around a lot so might as well save money on gas and spend it on much needed marketing and advertising.

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Skye has been wheeling and dealing wholesale vehicles since the middle of 2012 and can be spotted regularly all over Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. He dabbles in various ventures with his last one being in IT training. He currently is a Storage Engineer and also does property management on the side.
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