Richard Branson Says This is the Most Dangerous Animal in the World

great white feat

According to Sir Richard Branson, professionally eccentric billionaire entrepreneur, the picture above depicts the deadliest animal on the planet.

The photo shows the predator clad in black insulated armor, goggles, flippers and a breathing tank — all of which enhance his survivability and maneuverability in an underwater environment. He is armed with a camera, presumably taking pictures of the great white shark swimming adjacent to him.

Humans are by far the deadliest animals on the planet, according to Branson. As a protector of nature, wildlife and all things good in the world, Branson shared a tweet to bring awareness to the majesty and preservation of sharks for the coming summer season when beach-goer numbers will rise.

richard branson

Branson said in his blog post:

“Sharks are beautiful, intelligent creatures that have been on the planet for a lot longer than humans – 440 million years in fact. Shark attacks are exceedingly rare – as shown by the consistently minuscule shark attack numbers year after year.”

According to Business Insider, an average of 100 million sharks are killed by humans each year; by comparison, only three people died after being bitten by sharks in 2014. If that was a fight among humans, the statistics would scream genocide.

So if you are lucky enough to enjoy your summer at the beach, please be respectful of the ocean and mindful of the mysterious, intelligent and misunderstood animals that live in it.

Source: Virgin Feature Image via Bush Warriors

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