P. Diddy is Helping Young Entrepreneurs to Hustle

Hustlin’ is probably the greatest factor of success in any rapper’s career, and now Diddy is helping young entrepreneurs learn that hustle too.  In an article by Entrepreneur, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Grammy Award-winning music mogul, actor and entrepreneur, recently spoke at an awards ceremony for the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2013 in New York City.  Combs had previously donated $250,000 to the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship, the organization hosting the event to promote young inner city entrepreneurs.  At the ceremony, young entrepreneurs Jesus Fernandez and Toheeb Okenla from South Holland, Ill., were honored for their innovative socks designed to protect soccer players’ shins.

In the video highlight, Combs opens up with his saying, “Don’t be afraid to close your eyes and dream, but then open your eyes and see.”  Understanding the growing trend of young and aspiring entrepreneurs, Combs identifies with the feeling of saving up money to reach your first financial goal, how the young crave independence, and that young people have common sense, apparently.  Sure entrepreneurs have loads of sources today to get funding for their ideas, but nothing is better than getting encouragement and guidance from a true playa like Diddy.

Combs hails from Harlem, N.Y. and started as a newspaper boy, talked his way into an internship at Uptown Records in college, and worked his way up in music to become the successful businessman he is today with a net worth more than Jay Z.  “Being an entrepreneur to me means belief in myself, and belief in my dreams, and independence and freedom.”  I mean, that’s all we kids really want right?  We want the belief in our million dollar ideas, the independence to shake up the world, and the freedom to pop bottles.  This just goes to show us that when we are super successful, real swag comes by giving back and helping others to ball out.

Source: Entrepreneur


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