NYC’s Most Infamous Socialite Reveals How to Network With the Elite

As someone who has been able to network his way into the elite, what advice do you have for people who want to expand their contacts for either their personal or business benefit?

“Act for the job you want. Dress for the job you want. Be the person you want to be. It’s not to say “fake it ’til you make it,” it’s to say if you don’t have the balls to walk right up to the CEO to introduce yourself and squeeze his hand so hard that he remembers you, he’s just not going to remember you. Successful people like successful-minded people. The less you’re successfully minded, you’re fucked.”

It is said that you’ve been banned from restaurants and clubs in the past, tell us about that.

“Yeah, I mean listen, there are two types of places in New York City. There are places that will literally push people out of the way and drop a velvet rope to usher me in and then shower you with gifts and services and alcohol and women. Then there are places that the moment I show up they’re like immediately, “Are you fucking kidding? There’s absolutely no way.”

“By the way, I think that everyone needs some places that they can’t go too, and I love the fact that there are some places that it’s just the same level of polarization, but it’s at the institutional level or at the service level if you catch my drift. So the same way some people are going to love you, some people are going to hate you. That’s fine, you can ban me from five places in New York City. The beauty of living in New York City is while you are still banned from five places, there’s still a thousand places that I’m going to go, so until Bill de Blasio takes my key to New York City away, I’m on cloud nine.”

Give me your opinion on the most overrated club and the most underrated club right now.

“The most overrated club by far is Provocateur. The owners are dog shit and the people there fucking suck. I mean the one thing I’ll give them is that they are pretentious, but they are pretentious in the wrong way. They have terrible Euro trash crap. I would say one of the most underrated clubs is GoldBar. Jonny Lennon who runs it is tremendous. It’s a really sexy place and it never disappoints.”

From meeting all these successful people, what are some things they have that separates them from others?

“Something unique that I’ve realized is eye contact. That doesn’t mean that they’re more genuine than anyone, but if you avoid eye contact, no one wants to talk to you. You won’t realize why they don’t want to talk to you but I believe that eighty percent of all communication is nonverbal. The best way to communicate with someone is to have them directly stare into your eyes. I also believe that sixty percent of statistics were made up right on the spot, and you have to learn how to use that to your advantage.”


Whose number are you most proud of for having on your phone right now?

“It’s got to be the CEO of American Airlines; I’ve got the largest airline CEO. When someone who travels as much as I do, a quarter million miles a year, it’s really important to be able to have access at that level. I’m not saying that you use it all the time but you kind of use it to your advantage more than you use it. Notarizing works both ways but mostly I phone for companies, hotels, airlines and even car rental agencies; they don’t know who I am before I show up and that’s kind of a scary thing to be greeted at that level. There are companies that are more social media savvy and I think that while they could probably not personally give a shit or somebody from their fans and others could not give a shit about who I am, I think they are afraid of someone that is not afraid of anything. If a company pisses me off, I think the power of social media and the power of being a kind of consumer vigilante is awesome. I wish more people had the balls to do what it is that I do and give the middle finger to anyone who fucks with them.”

What is your general advice that you’d like to give to any young entrepreneurs looking to find success in the future?

“Don’t follow anybody, lead. A lot of people I know, I grew up with them, they’re successful and thats great, but they’re married and they have normal lives. If you want a normal life, follow convention. It all depends on how you define success. Is it monetary success or is it how you personally value your quality of life? Frankly I think you’ll never get anywhere by following any valedictorians’ advice, I really don’t. If you ever follow the advice of a graduation speech I think you’re pretty much fucked, with the sole exception of the first time you go to my commencement. I’m sure once you get to my commencement you’d get tremendous advice, but then there should be someone else that comes along that tells you not to follow it.”

What is your definition of success?

“My definition of success is being fortunate enough to never have two days be the same, so unless your life is one that is an extended orgasm, I wouldn’t want it to last for more than twenty-four hours. I just think that I love waking up and then deciding what I want to do versus any predestination.”

Lastly, tell us some cool projects that you’re working on.

“So I’ve written a book it’s called “Don’t You Know Who I think I Am: Confessions of a First Class Ass” and it is tremendous; it is “The 4-Hour Workweek” meets Tucker Max’s “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” and it reveals a lot that people don’t know about me. It’s inspirational, it’s instructional, and it was about a year and a half to two years in the making just writing this book. It’s probably been one of the most accomplishing things I’ve done and really I don’t have a date that we’re going to publish but I’m very, very excited for this project to come out.”

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