NYC Prostitutes Are Now Using Airbnb Apartments to Save Money


Prostitutes in New York are now turning Airbnb apartments into temporary brothels, according to the New York Post.

The reasons are quite simple, as one 21-year-old escort noted:

“It’s more discreet and much cheaper than The Waldorf,” said the sex worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“Hotels have doormen and cameras. They ask questions. Apartments are usually buzz-in.”

The prostitute, a buxom brunette who charges up to $500 an hour, said her escort service generally rents an Airbnb apartment in the Financial District or Midtown West for up to a week at a time — then cycles numerous hookers through the place for trysts around-the-clock

The apartments typically cost $200 to $400 a day to rent. According to the quoted sex worker above, escorts can save $200 to $300 a night using Airbnb instead of a hotel.

One unfortunate victim who had the pleasure of hosting one of these sex workers was 29 -year-old  publicist Jessica Penzari. After returning to her apartment, she found baby wipes and “at least 10 condoms.” After filing a complain, Airbnb subsequently paid to have her stay at a luxury hotel for two nights, have her locks changed and apartment fully cleaned.

Source: New York Post
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