Nod Bluetooth Ring: Control Most Devices, Look Like an Idiot Doing It?

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There’s a new toy about to hit the market in gesture control- the Nod Ring. It connects to most devices and allows you to control them with a jittery wave of your hand. We all love new technology and all, but at first glance, using this cool looking ring looks anything but “technology sexy” and kind of makes you look like you got the shakes. Also, is anyone else tired of these cheesy technology/musical montages? Watch the demo video and see for yourself.

Nod is a VC backed company in Mountain View, California. The ring links to anything with a bluetooth connection or connects to your wifi through your phone’s bluetooth. It seems most ideal for those of us rich enough to live in a smart house.

The stylish looking ring is waterproof, designed for all day wear, includes a small touch panel on the flat portion of the ring, and comes in varying sizes for your finger. However, the power in the ring lasts only about a day so you have to charge it in the case they provide you.

According to Mashable who demoed the ring in their office, “We witnessed the ring being used to type text and surf the web on a tablet, answer a smartphone call and even play a game on a tablet. Other programmable functions include using it as a trigger to take selfies with your smartphone, or as a controller for your smart television.”

The Nod ring will cost $149 dollars and is available for pre-order now with an expected delivery of this fall.

So tell us, what do you think of this fancy new gadget?

Source: Mashable

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