Millennials Are the Worst Workers in the History of the World, According to Employers

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There’s a reason millennials are broke and unemployed — they have a terrible rap in the workplace.

A new article from the New York Post collects some of millennial-dom’s “worst career mistakes” as recounted by their flabbergasted employers.

To start off their piece, famed New York publicist R. Couri Hay explains the mindset behind hiring millennials even though there are articles titled “These Are Millennials’ Worst Career Mistakes” floating out there:

“I love millennials — I’m always saying, ‘Get me a 20-something at $20,000.”

“They are so eager to work, so over-educated, and because of the climate, they’re more realistic than they were in the past. They work for so little to get their foot in the door.”

Millennials have at least something going for them then, right? Hey, they’re super cheap because they’re willing to work for way less than they deserve!

… Until they’re not willing to work because, as we all know, millennials are lazy. An anonymous Manhattan-based attorney tells the Post:

“I would say the wildest experience at a prior job was one [millennial] who quit when a new version of a video game came out, so he could play it all day.”

“This is a person with a law degree . . . What made it worse was that he graduated from law school and likely had $100,000 in loans. He was temping because he needed the money!”

He’s not done painting his “The Good-For-Nothing Millennial” portrait either. He goes on to tell the story of another millennial employee:

“There was a woman who billed 12-hour days — six hours playing on the computer, the other six hours doing work. She was 26.”

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Okay, so millennials are lazy and love playing video games and on the computer. Those aren’t the worst things ever.

Well, they also over-share on social media and are coddled by parents who think their children still deserve awards for coming in second place. An unnamed marketing director for a winery adds more fuel to the fire:

“I interviewed a millennial candidate for an entry-level position this past summer. When he didn’t get the job, his dad called me multiple times to demand why.”

According to the Post, Mattson told the ornery dad that he had found shirtless pics of his son during a basic online search of his name. Of course, the Post wouldn’t be the official rag of NYC if the story just ended there — Mattson also received work samples of the young applicant “sans shirt.”

In case readers believed the complaints were exclusive to stuffy old employers, the Post also throws in a story from Bryce Gruber-Hermon, the founder of the Luxury Spot blog (Millennials love blogs! … Right, guys?).

“A former employee, who was 23, was drinking wine and uploading his penis photos to our company Dropbox in the name of ‘needing more storage space for Grindr.’ ”

Before Hermon could fire the millennial harlot — err, thot — he gave her a two-day notice that he was quitting to work at a magazine.

To sum it all up, millennial workers are a mixed bag (in that they’re cheap, but you might also be getting what you pay for). Alan Cutter, the CEO of digital media recruiting firm AC Lion, tells the Post:

“I am part of a number of CEO groups in NYC, and hiring millennials is perhaps the most popular pain point.”

“It’s a love-hate relationship. [Companies] love them because they are inexpensive, willing to take risks, have grown up in the new world of technology and can adapt to change. They hate them because they feel entitled and need constant attention. You can never know if they are communicating with a client on Facebook, or checking the latest status updates.”

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