Latest Millennial Report Says 50 Percent of Young People Think They Are Lazy

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As the largest, most tech-savvy and educated generation, it’s no surprise that millennials have the full attention of job markets everywhere. Within 10 years, millennials will dominate the global workforce. The workplace as we know it now will probably change forever as it’s tailored to fit our changing needs and standards, and staying up with millennial trends is a must if both employers and employees want to transition smoothly.

In this latest report from Bentley University, millennials speak on what they expect from a job, what makes them happy in the workplace, and how employers should handle millennial employees.



1. “Idk” about texting. 51% of millennials say they would rather communicate with a colleague in person.

2. The typical 9 to 5 schedule doesn’t work for all millennials. 77% say flexible hours would make the workplace more productive for people their age.

3. Millennials may be more responsible than we think. When choosing between two otherwise equal jobs, 96% say great healthcare benefits would be the most important factor in their decision.

4. Some corporations hesitate to invest in employee development because they think millennials lack loyalty and won’t stay long. But 80% of millennials believe they’ll work for four or fewer companies in their career.

5. Millennials are mixed on “doing well by doing good.” While saying it’s important to work for a company they deem ethical, particularly in the clients it takes on, they still have a strong desire for regular salary increases. 79% expect a pay raise every year.

6. Millennials view career success differently than their parents do. Rather than striving for the CEO spot, 66% of millennials would like to start their own business and 37% want to work on their own.

7. Millennials are reinforcing their own stereotype. 50% of millennials say the main reason people their age are unprepared for their first job is a poor work ethic.

Here is the infographic summary on the University’s findings:


Source: Bentley University

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