If You’ve Ever Paid For Likes on Facebook, They Are Probably Fake [VIDEO]

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We all know those shady services online that offer likes to your Facebook fan page for a set fee. It’s not really a secret that most of the time, those likes are rarely ever legitimate. You’re really only paying for having a perceived following so you look better in the eyes of the internet. However, the below video has been making its rounds recently showing that even if you’ve paid to promote your page on Facebook (which is technically the legit way to do it), they are most likely fake as well.

In a statement to Business Insider, this is what Facebook had to say:

We’re always focused on maintaining the integrity of our site, but we’ve placed an increased focus on abuse from fake accounts recently. We’ve made a lot of progress by building a combination of automated and manual systems to block accounts used for fraudulent purposes and Like button clicks. We also take action against sellers of fake clicks and help shut them down.

Have you ever paid to promote your page on Facebook? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

Sebastian is a graduate of NYU where he studied communication but developed a thirst for entrepreneurship and success. Apart from being involved in edgy apparel startups, Sebastian now puts his gritty opinions into writing and lives off hip-hop, coffee, online dating and chocolate mint Muscle Milk.
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