Why Half-Naked Runners Gather in Beijing for the Annual Naked Run

It’s that time of year again for Beijing’s Naked Run!

For those who have not heard of it before, the “Naked Run” sees individuals from all over Beijing come together to raise awareness for the environment by running around in swimwear.

Organizers of the annual event use the time-tested strategy of showing some skin to ensure their cause gets enough attention.

The tradition began six years ago and reportedly aims to promote environmental protection.

This year’s run saw hundreds of half-naked nature-lovers joining the run at Beijing’s Olympic Forest Park on Sunday.

According to Shanghaiist, the participants were given the option to wear their favorite costume or strip down to be nearly-naked.

Of course, those who joined found some interesting ways to spice things up with really creative attire:

Among the most eye-catching ones were those who chose to be Victoria’s Secret Angels for the day:

Ironically, the one who really got everyone’s attention was not an actual participant, but a young journalist who covered the event. Of course, it helped that she wore a two-piece bikini while she did some interviews with the participants:

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