UPDATED: France Implements Action to Protect Workers From Working After-Hours

Editor’s note: According to BuzzFeed, the report by The Guardian is inaccurate. France did NOT ban employees from sending work emails after 6 p.m. The agreement is meant to protect some workers from having too many work interruptions when they’re off the clock. Lastly, the agreement will only affect about 200,000 – 250,000 workers, not millions like The Guardian reported.


If you’re someone employed in France, your work schedule has just become more amazing.

According to The Guardian, worker’s unions in France have made it illegal for employees to do anything work-related on their computers or smartphones after clocking out for the day:

“Now employers’ federations and unions have signed a new, legally binding labour agreement that will require staff to switch off their phones after 6pm. Under the deal, which affects a million employees in the technology and consultancy sectors (including the French arms of Google, Facebook, Deloitte and PwC), employees will also have to resist the temptation to look at work-related material on their computers or smartphones –or any other kind of malevolent intrusion into the time they have been nationally mandated to spend on whatever the French call la dolce vita.”

Now if only us here in the U.S. can follow-suit, I won’t need to attend to my bosses annoying emails and calls late at night.

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