Ridiculous Law Prevents Chinese Citizens From Going To Space

Richard Branson

For everyone with dreams of going to space, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic can make that come true- unless you are Chinese.

Rich Chinese citizens are willing to dish out $260,000 dollars for a ticket to launch later this year but have been turned away by Virgin Galactic. The problem is that if your passport is from the People’s Republic of China, you could be a spy, at least in the eyes of the U.S. Government. You see, the rocket engines on Branson’s space ships, SpaceShip Two and WhiteKnight Two, are considered military grade technology under  Cold War U.S. arms trafficking laws and are protected by U.S. anti-espionage laws.  These laws were designed so that foreign powers can’t steal military technology secrets and because the space ships are American, these laws must be enforced.

Even though the Cold War ended when we were like, born, it seems that’s not the case for the U.S. government what with keeping space for American’s only and the amazing amount of love they have for China (sarcasm). Do any of our Chinese friends think this is ridiculous?

Source: CNN


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