Finally — Two Harvard Students Have Created a Service That Allows You to Unsend Emails


We’ve all done it before- we hit the “send” button on an email we didn’t want to or shouldn’t have sent and you get that cringing feeling inside and wish you could take it all back. Email services as advanced as Gmail (with Labs) won’t allow “take-backs” past a thirty second limit and that, frankly, is just not good enough.

That’s why Harvard Law students David Gobaud and Lindsay Lin created Pluto Mail, a free service that allows users to edit and even unsend email messages.

For many though, the first thought is usually, “But I don’t want to use another service or change my email.” Worry not, becuase according to Gobaud in an interview with The Harvard Crimson, Pluto Mail “lets you keep using your same email address, your same email client and the receivers do not habe to be using the same service.” What’s more is that Pluto Mail also gives you the capability to monitor if and when your email has been read and even offers an “auto-expire” feature.

Co-founder Lindsay Lin explained, “There’s a niche of people out there in the world who really care about security and they want their emails to expire… We fulfill that niche.” How it works is there’s a specific time frame the message will last in the recipient’s inbox before it expires or read. This feature can definitely come in handy for emailing resumes out.

With some help from Harvard’s Innovation Lab and their venture capital investors, Gobaud and Lin were able to create the service from their dorms- yet another awesome startup to come out of the college campus environment. They don’t plan to seek outside funding until it is absolutely necessary. Currently, Pluto Mail is in their beta testing stage. You can sign up for the waiting list for this awesome service here.

So then, who wouldn’t use this awesome new service?

Source: EliteDaily

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