Facebook 10 Year Anniversary: Original Founders Reflect & Share Their Thoughts

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Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Facebook. Being a user that saw where it was at its beginnings, it’s surreal to see the impact that it has made on the world since then. Below are two though-provoking posts from two of Facebook’s original founders Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin:

I think that the most important thing young entrepreneurs should note is that the founders never wanted to build Facebook to get rich. They simply wanted to solve a problem that they all cared deeply for. It’s important that when wanting to build a company, you need to find problems that are around you and pick the one to solve that you’re most passionate in.

Sebastian is a graduate of NYU where he studied communication but developed a thirst for entrepreneurship and success. Apart from being involved in edgy apparel startups, Sebastian now puts his gritty opinions into writing and lives off hip-hop, coffee, online dating and chocolate mint Muscle Milk.
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