Extreme Sport Athletes are Throwing Their Headphones Away For These New Flexible Speakers


Meet Syphon Sound, the name behind a new type of audio technology that has already garnered hype from extreme outdoor athletes and snowboarders. A year ago, the brains behind Syphon had an idea to use electrostatic technology to create a whole new breed of sound system that was loud, secure, and flexible enough to work within the realm of action sports.

This is their love child: the Syphon Sound Wrap.

Using electrostatic technology, this sound wrap (1/10o of an inch thick) uses innovative speaker material that provides quality sound from a completely flexible source. The wrap has velcro that sticks inside your helmet, ear warmers, or beanie and wraps around your ears for complete surround sound. The speakers then connect to a Bluetooth device with a battery life of up to eight hours.


The founder, Kyle Rawson, is an Idaho transplant and outdoor junkie in his own right. He started the company as a solution to his own painful experience on the slopes.

“I like to listen to music when I snowboard.  The problem is that ear buds get super uncomfortable under a helmet.  There weren’t any other options, though, so it was either deal with the pain or go without music.  One day when I was working at a ski resort, I was introduced to this new thin flexible speaker technology and it just clicked,” said Rawson.


From there, the Cinderella story came together with the help of the scientists who invented the technology, a team of engineers, and designer Tyler Shearer. Syphon was able to bring the product to life with investors and a successful Kickstarter campaign. They will be launching the sound wrap in April, available on back order here.

We’ve seen some great innovations come to life in the past from entrepreneurs solving problems they are familiar with, and I am hoping this is another one to add to the roster. Not only is this product interesting, but the technology behind it has endless possibilities and we are sure to see more from Syphon Sound.

Check out more from Syphon Sound here.

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