Elon Musk Thinks Silicon Valley Throws Better Parties Than Los Angeles


Last week, during the Silicon Valley premiere of HBO’s comedy series “Silicon Valley”, Tesla founder Elon Musk gave his critique on the show and it’s creator Mike Judge. According to RE/code, he didn’t feel that the show accurately captured the culture of Silicon Valley. One of the interesting things he noted during the night was when he started comparing the parties in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

“I really feel like Mike Judge has never been to Burning Man, which is Silicon Valley…If you haven’t been, you just don’t get it. You could take the craziest L.A. party and multiply it by a thousand, and it doesn’t even get fucking close to what’s in Silicon Valley..”

Musk then goes on to explain why he believes this is so.

“The parties in Silicon Valley are amazing because people don’t care about how they’re perceived socially, which I don’t think Mike [Judge] got. Hollywood is a place where people always care about what the public will think of them … and the show felt more like that,” he said. “I’ve lived in Hollywood 12 years, and I’ve never been to a fucking good party.”

What do you think guys? Does Mr. Musk have a point? Make some noise in the comments below!

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