Dear Tesla Haters, Stop Giving Elon Musk Shit! [Op-Ed]

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These days, I’m really feeling for Elon Musk. He brings us the future of the automotive industry in the first wildly successful all-electric car company and we repay him by crashing his beautiful cars. So what an electric car catches fire when you drive it through walls or over something like a fire hydrant. Do you know what happens when you do that in a gas car? It explodes! And you die. Really- if you can’t handle the power and swag of a Tesla Model S, stay away from them because your bad driving will ruin it for the rest of us. To say the least, this has been a PR nightmare for them; news outlets put all the negative spin on the fact of the fires, there is now a federal safety investigation going on, and we still don’t seem to realize the greater context of these crashes.

It’s like people forget that when you crash something as big as a car, it usually explodes. The Tesla Model S doesn’t explode, it basically can’t, the batteries just catch fire. Try driving any gasoline fueled car in the same crash scenarios the Tesla Model S went through and see what happens. If you can be identified by more than your teeth, maybe you’ll understand the difference in safety between a gas and an electric car.

There have been three Tesla fires in the past six weeks or so, all met with the plummeting stock of Tesla Motors. The first fire happened near Seattle when someone drove their Tesla car over what Tesla calls “an extremely large object.” The second fire happened a month after in Mexico after somebody drove their Tesla through a roundabout, crashed through a concrete wall, and hit a tree. I mean, seriously? The news shouldn’t be that the cars catch fire when you crash them but that there seems to be a trend of people playing GTA V in their Teslas. The most recent fire occurred in Tennessee and while Tesla is heading out there to find out exactly what happened, the reports indicate that the driver ran over a tow hitch on the highway but was able to pull over to the side and safely exit.

Okay, an accident is an accident, they happen sometimes. But we have to think about the real questions. Do Teslas catch fire by themselves or burn down homes like the failed Fisker Karma did? No. Do they explode when you crash them through walls and into trees? No. Do people mistake driving a Tesla like an Escalade sometimes? Probably (the Tesla Model X doesn’t come out till next year people). The Model S did keep everyone safe and alive in all three crashes though. Tesla cars are safe; our driving habits are not.

I wish the best for Elon Musk and Tesla Motors and because I’m still young, I’m really hoping it’s still around when I’ve saved enough to buy one (which is totally worth it by the way). So please, stop the hate, and if you have a Tesla, don’t drive all crazy and crash your Model S because we know now that even if the tiniest flame comes out of it, people (slash idiots) will lose their confidence in what is otherwise the most amazing car to have ever been created.

Source: LA Times

With a bachelor's degree in International Studies: Political Science from University of California, San Diego, Waylae works as a blogger/editor for NextShark. Along with writing, he is an aspiring entrepreneur that enjoys hip-hop, fashion, and learning about new cultures.
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