Dear Californians, It’s Now Legal to Check Your Cell Phone Map While Driving


Congrats Californians! Thanks to a recent court ruling, you can now legally check your cell phone maps while driving.

According to the AP, the ruling claims that only cell phone related moves that involved “listening and talking” are illegal when driving. The decision came about after Steven Spriggs from Fresno challenged a $165 ticket he got for checking maps on his phone. The court initially ruled against him, but he challenged it saying that holding a small device to check maps is no different than looking at a foldout map, which is legal to do.

Springgs told The LA Times:

“I believe in distracted driving laws with all my heart,” said Spriggs, whose 22-year-old son was badly injured twice by distracted drivers in 2010. “But police officers should have real probable cause to pull you over.”

As the LAist noted, the ruling will complicate California driver even more. After all, how is a cop going to be able to tell whether you are texting or checking your map?

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