How a Once Fat Tech Geek Now Makes a Living ‘Getting Laid’ by Asian Women

California native David Bond, 28, has been making headlines for his sexual exploits with women all over Asia. His YouTube videos, which show him picking up local women in Asia, have racked up millions of views but have also been met with extreme scrutiny.

Under the moniker David Bond, Bond also sells an online e-book teaching men how to “get laid in Japan.” Unsurprisingly, many people have been angered by his work. He was even confronted by an angry passerby during a trip in Taiwan recently.

Bond’s story is similar to Julien Blanc’s, a pickup artist and coach who was dubbed “the most hated man in the world” last year after a video of him grabbing women in foreign countries and pulling them toward his crotch surfaced online. Blanc has allegedly been dealing with daily hate messages and death threats since then.

Bond, who refers to himself as “the most hated man in Asia” because of the intensely negative coverage he’s received in China and other countries, told NextShark that he hasn’t been fazed by the press’s criticism:

“One of the things about media is that people think that if something is on the news, the whole world sees it. Dude even if I get a million views, a million is only one out of billions of people — no backlash at all. The only time that it has hurt me was that there was a girl on OkCupid who Googled me and stopped talking to me, but she was just some random girl.”


Bond’s Asian adventure began in August 2013 when he quit his IT job, which paid $19 an hour, at a hospital.

“I was fat, loved video games, and worked for $19/hour as a computer tech. My plans at the time were to get married to my girlfriend of five years, get a big house, and buy a lot of stuff. I had always wanted to travel, but I was told it was very expensive so I figured I’d do it ‘someday.’”

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As the day of him becoming a homeowner began closing in, Bond started wondering whether he would be missing out on life’s adventures by settling too soon. For one, he was about to be in a mountain of debt from buying a home. Secondly, he had aspirations to travel to Japan, but had never even been on a plane before.

Within a month, Bond broke up with his girlfriend and began his life transformation.

“I learned a little bit about [picking up girls]. I started applying it and getting results and it was pretty awesome. I was part of a pickup forum and I thought it would be cool to record some of my stuff but I never actually did it.


“When GoPro started getting popular, me and my buddy thought it would be funny as a joke to wear a GoPro on our head and record it while picking up girls. Eventually I started meeting real girls this way. I started getting confidence and lost weight.”

As he was gaining confidence and getting more successful with women, Bond felt he had a growing need to do something crazy and get out of his comfort zone.


“What happened was part of me was like, ‘You know what? You’re going to turn 30 one day. What’s the point — why are you saving your money?’ I always just saved my money because I just don’t spend it all. I wasn’t trying to save for anything.

“So, I started thinking about it: I’m meeting these girls, they’re pretty cute — the problem was, I live in a crappy town and all the girls here are ugly, pregnant and white — I like Asian chicks.”


While some people might be ashamed to admit that they have a preference for only one race, Bond is not shy about showing his love for Asian women.

“I do have yellow fever big time. Honestly, I have no clue why I like Asian girls. I’m not going to pretend to have an answer. It’s kind of like ice cream; you just like it. I’m just attracted to the look. I like pale and weird. I like to joke that I like girls so different that my family would be uncomfortable. It’s like the Drake quote.”


Bond quit his job six months after breaking up with his girlfriend and took the $35,000 he had saved up to travel to Japan. It was the first time he ever flew on a plane. He ended up catching the travel bug and spent the next two years traveling to places like China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand and documenting them on YouTube, along with his sexual exploits with women.

According to Bond, Japanese women usually always asked him the same few questions. He said he was able to eventually bed women in the country after recognizing the intention behind those questions and answering a certain way.


“For example, one of the questions that a girl always asks is, ‘Why do you come to Japan?’ They also ask, ‘How long do you stay in Japan?’ In Asia there’s a girl stereotype of Westerners being these predatory sexual deviants.

“What they’re doing, they want to say, ‘What is your intention? Are you in Japan for work or are you here for fun? How long do you stay?’ What the girl is doing is determining whether there’s a relationship possibility.

“If you say, ‘I’m here for traveling and I’m going to be gone in two weeks, then in the East they’re a lot more conservative when it comes to relationships, so it is like a question to see what you’re about.”


Some have accused Bond of having to travel to an Asian country, where there’s an alleged preference for white men, because he couldn’t easily pick up women at home. Bond, however, stresses that this is far from the truth:

“I discovered that it’s a myth. It is true that it may be so for some Asian girls. I’ll say in Thailand, if you’re a white guy, yes. I will agree. I won’t argue with you. In the poorer countries, yes. I will say that the attraction is based on your status, it’s not your race.

“There’s a confusion with what I call reaction versus conversion. Reaction is someone’s reaction to you on initial meet-up. Conversion is whether that person will want to date you or want to meet up with you more than once.


“For example,  if you go to Disneyland, Mickey Mouse has extreme reaction but no conversion. Everyone wants to take a picture with Mickey Mouse, but no one wants to fuck Mickey Mouse. See the difference? What people notice is that girls in the East do react more positively to a Western guy, but that is not directly linked with their attraction or interest in them sexually.”

To silence the critics who say that he can’t pick up women in his home country, Bond recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel documenting his sexual exploits across various cities in the U.S.

Bond has an obsession with documenting everything he does — literally everything he does, whether it’s his travels and experiences or him having sex with women. When asked how women feel being filmed by him secretly, he said:

“First of all, none of my cameras are hidden, they’re either on my head, chest or hand. I make my camera and my video process part of the interaction. I’m sure you saw my selfie compilation thing? What I do is I’ll say, ‘Hey can I put this on YouTube?’ or ‘Hey I want to show my friends on YouTube,’ and they’ll say yeah. There have been some girls where I put it up and they didn’t want it up. I take it down.


“I have fucked chicks with a GoPro on my head. But it’s always prefaced with ‘Hey can I have sex with you with a GoPro on my head?’ I don’t post it anywhere, I don’t ever do anything like that. The very few times that I have posted a sliver of a clip of a sexual nature, the girls are always aware of it.”

Bond even showed us a large photo collage featuring photos of women he’s allegedly bedded. Each photo is labeled with the flag of the country where he picked up the woman and an icon signifying whether he cold approached her or found her on a dating site or social media.


“I remember talking to my brother and asking him how many girls he has been with, and he said, ‘I don’t know.’ I told myself, ‘I’m going to save a photo of every girl I’m intimate with.’ When I originally did this, I wasn’t into it. I just started. Then when I kept getting results I kept going and eventually I put logos on how I met them and the countries and all of that. This only started after I broke up with my five-year girlfriend, so she’s not in there.

“I kept doing this and I stopped after 100. I stopped counting after 100, and I don’t do it anymore. I stopped because some of my crew would make these galleries until they’re huge and it felt lame. At first it was because my brother said he forgot and I thought that was kind of lame. I didn’t want to forget anyone that I was intimate with. Then it got out of control and I felt like kind of like a scumbag. I kind of wish I kept going because I love looking back and looking back at the stories. Every single girl I could easily spend 30 minutes giving a whole story.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.37.59 PM

Since he’s exploded in the Asian press in the last few weeks, Bond says that sales for his online guide have exploded.

“In the past few weeks I’ve made probably the equivalent of three times my normal monthly income. Basically I made a bunch of money: I haven’t spent anything, I’ve just let it come in.”


Most interestingly, Bond says that his customers are mostly one type of men:

“Guess how many customers are Asian? Almost all of them. I can show you my Paypal. First of all, I’ve only met one white person who’s actually bought my course. All of it is Asian guys. It’s crazy. All Asian guys. There’s two categories of people who buy my stuff. Most of these names on Paypal are in characters I don’t even know how to read.”

Bond showed us pages of recent orders on his Paypal account — almost all of them were names of Asian descent.


When we asked him whether he planned to settle down with one girl anytime soon, he said:

“Women are great but they encourage you to be lame. You have to be cool to get a girl, but once you get the girl she’ll try to make you uncool. If you’re out too much, ‘Come on baby, let’s watch some TV.’ ‘I like your belly,’ all this shit. What they’re doing is subconsciously protecting their investment. I got this cool guy — if he’s too cool he’ll go away.

“Honestly I am a relationship guy, I love romance. I want my life story to have many romantic chapters. I don’t want it to be a chapter of one girl. But ultimately, I’m a young guy and I’m only young once and I think it’s a huge mistake when guys settle down, especially if you’re younger than 40 years old.”


As of now, Bond says that he’s run out of money and is back at an IT job in Bakersfield, California. He’s currently dating a Filipino woman and is saving up money to buy better camera equipment and travel back to Asia. He’s also pursuing his passion in photography.

“I’m going to be 30 in, like, two months. I’m super into photography. My dream is to travel the world and do photography. I want to give my mom a photo book before she dies. I want her to have something she can show her friends to show that she’s proud of her son. That’s really truly what I want to do.”

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