Tech-Company Posts The Most Epic Job Ad for ‘2 F*cking Great Developers’

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Being extra creative when applying for a job these days goes a long way, but some companies are also finding creative (and profanity-laden) ways to recruit the best talent.

One San Diego-based tech company posted this epic job ad for “2 f*cking great developers” in the San Francisco area. Their pitch starts out with:

“If you’re a great fucking developer who wants to make a bunch of money working somewhere awesome then keep reading. We’re a San Diego Tech Company (relocation covered for the right candidates) that’s looking for not one but two awesome developers. So digest this ad, accept your fate, and take one last lap around your office to say goodbye to your friends because you’re about to upgrade.”

The starting yearly salary for the job ranges from $115,000 to 140,000 and includes medical, dental, stock options, and they’ll even throw in $2,500 for relocation costs.

The job would mostly have two lucky developers working with Scala, Java, MongoDB, Redis, Bootstrap, Play Framework, Guice and AngularJS, but it would also be “fucking awesome if you also knew SQL.” However, you can’t deny the perks of the job, like how much you will be balling with the great new friends you’ll meet:

“On Leaving Whatever The Fuck You’re Doing Now:

Don’t fucking worry about it. They’ll find somebody else and you’ll be off balling with a fresh start. It doesn’t matter if you have a great job, shit job, or you’re marathon’ing through X-Files on Netflix while collecting unemployment. Mulder and Scully will be right where you left them, and your ex-coworkers will stay in touch too but honestly fuck ’em, you’ll have new, better friends.

“The People:

I promised new friends didn’t I? We have boys, we have girls, we have kite surfers, we have regular surfers, we have video game fanatics, we have clubbers (night clubs, not seals), we have a Scottish guy, we have a Serbian girl, we have movie nerds, we have board game nerds, we have regular nerds, we have musicians, and we have somebody out this week for Coachella. Look, the fact is we can fill whatever type of friendship void you have.”

Even the office location and company culture seems awesome — it’s basically like a San Diego tech-frat (hopefully without all the sexism and misogyny):

“We’re on the top floor of a building right next door to a fucking brewery.

The floor we are on is filled exclusively with tech startups and we have a huge monthly Werewolf ( game (beer included) held in our break room comprised of people from all of the companies on the floor, as well as from various other companies downtown.”

Company outings in San Diego also sound epic:

“Company Fucking Meetings:

We celebrate our successes and we’ve had a lot of them lately, hence the hiring. In the last year alone we’ve gone on a sailing trip, a downtown scavenger hunt, frisbee golfing, kart racing, and more.”

All you need to do to apply is e-mail “the shit requested” in the job ad. They will then Skype with you to make sure you aren’t a complete fraud, and if you are lucky, you’ll then meet the team for a “vibe check.” Then, you “tell everybody about how great your fucking life just became because you’re super fucking hired.”


Of course, there are a few last minute reminders:

“P.S. Share this shit. Don’t be worried about friends or coworkers stealing your job, there are two fucking jobs open. Maybe even more if we find people that we can’t pass up.

“P.P.S. We do not encourage or display profanity levels above the social norm in the work place. As such, profanity will not be accepted in lieu of skill.”

And that, my friends, is how you get people to apply for your company, though that six-figure salary and full benefits adds a ton of charm too.

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