Controversial Daughter of Hong Kong’s Leader is Allegedly Chasing a Modeling Career

[UPDATE: 12/10/14 6:00 p.m.] Leung has posted to her Facebook denying the media reports:

Nextshark BFF Chai Lan Leung, the 22-year-old daughter of Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung, and whose taxpayer-funded, designer clothing-clad lifestyle I reported on back in October — and for which Leung threatened to sue — seems to have finally settled on a career choice, perhaps to finally pay some of her own way on her Louboutin-as-wall-art proclivity. According to Hong Kong news publication NextPlus, Leung wants to be a model.

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Reportedly, a modeling company in Hong Kong received an email from a woman who identified herself as “Chai Yan Leung,” along with personal information, never-before-seen photos and body sizing figures. When the agency called the woman up to confirm her identity, she admitted to being CY Leung’s daughter.

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Apple Daily has posted the alleged email from Leung:

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In a recording of a conversation claimed to be between Leung and the modeling agency, the alleged Leung said her parents had no problem with her pursuing a modeling career. The woman in the recording says:

“Yes, I am interested in TV commercials as well as print ads. Any opportunity is OK for me.”

One of Apple Daily’s reporters called Leung to ask her to confirm whether it was indeed her who had applied to the agency, which she denied and said that someone else had posed as her.

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As well, while out shopping today (No way!) in Tsim Sha Tsui, Leung was asked by reporters whether she had applied to be a model, to which she replied, “No comment” — pretty much the equivalent of “Abso-fucking-lutely.”

Good luck, Chai — we’re rooting for you (on behalf of Hong Kong taxpayers).

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