Chinese Startup Allegedly Offers Night with Japanese Pornstar as Employee Bonus [UPDATED]

[Update 2-19-14 10:43 p.m. PST] A representative at Qihoo 360 as released the following statement to NextShark:

“It appears someone manufactured a false document of what our bonuses are involving an adult entertainment actress. No such document ever existed. It’s an entirely false Internet rumor, and we can confirm it is patently false.”

porn 1

With February comes the Chinese New Year, and for employees that means it’s time for bonuses to be handed out. Some companies offer cars to their top performers, others might just hand out straight cash, but one Chinese startup’s prize has people wondering if they are for real.

The Chinese site compiled a list they call the “Web Companies Annual Meeting Gift List 2015 (Confidential),” a collection of all the cool prizes that top tech companies offer their top employees. The Chinese startup Qihoo 360, an internet security company, listed three prizes for their top employee — a brand new Porsche 911, a week-long trip to Bali or a night with a 27-year-old Japanese pornstar named Julia. Apparently, Julia is a pretty big hit in China.

porn 2

The site specifies that it has not confirmed whether or not this is a legit prize, but Qihoo 360 has not denied the offering either.

Say you worked for a tech company; which option would you pick?

Source: Hypebeast

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