China’s New Sex-Ed Books Criticized For Being Too Real, Instantly Becomes Bestseller

Following backlash from conservative parents, China’s controversial sex education textbook “Cherish Life” has been withdrawn from the Hangzhou primary school where it was first introduced. Ironically, however, other parents who found the book useful have begun ordering the book online.

The book, published by Beijing Normal University, went viral earlier this month after a mother of a Grade 2 student from the school posted screenshots of the textbook on the Chinese social networking platform Weibo.

It immediately gained notoriety online for tackling a variety of subjects meant for children including sexual abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and homosexuality, Shanghaiist reports.

Young students are taught early that while some people want to have relationships with members of the opposite sex, there are also those who prefer to be with the same gender. The sex education book assures them that that’s all okay.

Illustrations depicting the process of making babies also irked out the parents:

“Is it reasonable for a textbook to be compiled like this? I myself blush just looking at,” the angered mom wrote.

But while the negative reaction was echoed by other concerned parents, a lot of people appreciated the book’s content. The progressive book, which was introduced to only a select few schools, has now gained massive popularity elsewhere in the country, making it a bestseller in days.

In fact, the sex education textbooks are almost out of stock in every online shopping platform in China. Parents who are looking to buy the book for their kids would have to wait for the next printing, which will replenish the supply next week to e-commerce sites Taobao,, and

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