Chinese Netizens Are Furious Over Video of Teen Boys Forcing Girl to Kiss Them

A disturbing video, featuring a group of teenage boys taking turns kissing an obviously intimidated girl, is now making the rounds on Chinese social media.

The girl, reported to be the boys’ classmate, can be seen trying to cover up her face with her hands but the males kept coming at her, kissing her lips one by one.

Giggling can be heard in the background as the surrounding teens take advantage of the defenseless female.  Some of the boys are even caught on camera acting as if they are grabbing the girl’s private parts. Others looked on while smiling. 

According to NetEase (via Shanghaiist), the abusive scene happened as the students were let out from a middle school in Wuchuan county, Guangdong province on Sunday.

The local education bureau has reportedly looked into the case but is seems its investigation is heading nowhere. An employee from the bureau gave a statement to the local press that the girl was not harmed and the boys were merely “playing.”

In a statement, the unspecified school where the students were studying claimed that the issue has been dealt with, but no further details were given.

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