CFOs Believe People Under 35 Are Crappy Workers, Says New Survey

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The good news is that most company CFOs think it’s really rad that millennials know how to use iTunes. The bad news is that they also think millennials suck balls.

According to a new survey from Duke University and CFO Magazine, most American chief financial officers see millennials (those under the age of 35) as having their pluses outweighed by their negatives — and that perception may be hurting millennials’ chances for finding better jobs.

The good: Of the 1,000 chief financial officers surveyed, some 70 percent thought favorably of millennials’ tech savvy, and 21 percent believe millennials are more creative and innovative than previous generations’ workers.

The so-so: About 50 percent report millennials as being bargains to hire, not necessarily because they’re the best and the brightest, but rather because they’re willing to work for less money. Maybe that’s why millennials are broke as sh*t?

The bad: More than half (53 percent) of CFOs believe millennials would be less loyal to the company than other employees. As well, the biggest and truest perception of millennials, that we have an attitude of entitlement, is shared by 46 percent of CFOs, while 31 percent also believe millennials require more intense management. Finally, to put the cherry on top of the obliteration of millennials’ dreams of being friendly with the boss, 27 percent of CFOs said millennials are more interested developing themselves personally than the developing the company.

The negative perception held by CFOs that millennials are traitorous, incompetent, selfish little divas probably is probably part of the reason why most companies are making less of an effort to attract millennial job candidates. Nearly 60 percent of those asked stated their companies were not adapting to millennial workers — only 21 percent make work hours flexible, 17 percent allow work from home and 10 percent have adjusted their old corporate culture.

The lesson for millennials: Moving out from your parent’s basement and then owning a house in a cool city one day probably isn’t going to happen if you rely on CFOs not hating your guts, so you should probably start your own business — read more NextShark!

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