20 Couples Recreate Their Old Photos — Proves That True Love Can Last Forever

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Ryan Gosling Look-a-like Stars in Hilarious ‘Drive 2’ Trailer About Uber

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Photographer Dad Features Daughters in Terrifying Book of Children’s Nightmares on Kickstarter

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Facebook Scammer Tries to Milk $5,780 From Man, Gets Epically Trolled Instead

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YouTuber Who Made $12 Million Last Year Shows Off His Epic New Car

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Lingerie Tycoon Picks Up ‘Child’ with Flowers, Turns Out to Be a 22-Year-Old Vietnamese Man

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Bored Businessman Trolls Hotel Staff With Ridiculous Requests to See What He Can Get Away With

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Man Gets High on Sleeping Pills, Accidentally Buys a Yak Online

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Shiba Inu is Upset He’s Not Allowed on the Subway, Gets Carried Out by Authorities

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Wind Tornado Appears on Chinese School Playground, Sucks One Kid Up in the Air

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