This Vancouver Reality Show is Holding a Casting Call For ‘Ultra Rich Asian Girls’

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A company out in Vancouver in is currently holding a casting call for “Ultra Rich Asian Girls.”

The proposed show is called HBIC TV and stands for “Hot Bitch In Charge” (oh god, save me) and will be holding auditions on June 26 according to their Facebook Page:


According to the Huffington Post, Vancouver has had a bad run with reality shows. “Real Housewives of Vancouver” lasted for only two seasons, and “Real Hipsters of Vancouver” (who thinks of these names!?) never got off the ground. It will be interesting to see if HBIC TV will make it on air.

Sarah Lesnar is a recent graduate at USC. She majored in Broadcast Journalism and loves to write every moment she gets. Aside from her passion in writing, she also loves her cats Sam and Minka.
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