Broken ATM in Maine Spits Out $37,000 to Man Requesting $140

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Police in Maine are investigating an incident involving a malfunctioning bank ATM that spit out $37,000 to a man who requested $140.

According to Fox News, police responded to call around 5:30am Thursday from a woman who reported that a man was spending an unusual amount of time at an ATM she was waiting to use.

The officers arrived to find the man stuffing cash into a shopping bag. He was apprehended and the money was returned to the bank.

Although bank officials said they don’t want to press charges, the police are continuing their investigation. It’s being said that the malfunctioned happened due to a “code error.”

In all honesty, if the man was not greedy, he probably would’ve gotten away with a good amount of cash.

Source: Fox News

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