BlackBerry Removes Alicia Keys As Global Creative Director


Back in January 2013, BlackBerry hired Alicia Keys as the company’s “Global Creative Director” during the New York launch of it’s BlackBerry 10 smartphone line. Today and almost year later, BlackBerry, which has had a a much less than stellar 2013, announced that they will be ending their business relationship with Keys.

According to multiple sources, BlackBerry has offered no details of why Alicia Keys would be stepping down. Most statements that have been released mainly thanks Keys for her time and work.

Upon taking her position last year, she was immediately subject to a lot of scrutiny after sending a tweet through her iPhone; she later claimed that her account was hacked. Even then, it appears that she is already back to using other devices as she sent out the following tweet through an iPad on New Years Eve.



The details of exactly what Alicia Keys did during her tenure at BlackBerry is still unclear. According to CNET, Keys was not involved at all in Blackberry’s product or market offerings. Instead she made appearances at a few events and helped launch a scholarship program to attract young women to get into fields of science and technology.

Source: TechnoBuffalo, CNET

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