How a Farmer and His Son Makes $160,000 a Year Making Transformers Out of Scrap Metal


Noticing the popularity of “Transformers” upon its release in China in 2007, one father-son duo decided to capitalize, and they’ve been making a healthy living doing it ever since.

Yu Zhilin, a farmer with a background in fine arts, decided to create Transformer replicas using spare car parts during his free time with his son, Lu Yingyun. They’ve been making more than 1 million yuan (over $160,000) a year from selling and renting out their replicas to malls in China. They once sold an army of metal robots for almost $1 million yuan in one transaction.

The latest installment in the Transformers movie franchise, “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” became the highest grossing film ever in China. The movie featured Chinese car brands and used Hong Kong as a backdrop for some of the action sequences, thereby attracting Chinese audiences. 

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h/t: ChinaFotoPress

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