Rich Russian Student Goes Completely Overboard on Her Mercedes Customization [PHOTOS]


There’s flashiness, and then there’s flashiness. It’s the difference between, let’s say, a Mercedes CLS 350 and a Mercedes CLS 350 completely studded in Swarovski crystals with a “BAII BY” vanity plate tacked on to top it all off.



Flashiness is something 21-year-old business student Daria Radionova, a Russian-born woman living in London and the owner of that Swarovski-encrusted automobile, has clearly got down pat. After driving her CLS 350 around Ferraris and Lamborghinis all day, I’m guessing she became blasé to the level of attention her car received, and so she then decided to square it, multiply it by a thousand, and then, just to make sure, add a penny (she watches “The Price is Right”). See, she’s not going to let you win; all the attention belongs to her and her only. Jesus could be walking across the River Thames and everyone would still probably be like, “Ooooh, shiny car!” If that didn’t work, I’m guessing Radionova would resort to donning a meat dress or making a sex tape …

Radionova told the MailOnline, “… everywhere I go people stop to have a look at it. It gets lots of attention from people walking by and in cars. Sometimes I think they might crash.” That’s wonderful.

Radionova’s car was found sitting gloriously parked outside an exclusive hotel in Knightsbridge, a posh London retail hub that is home to some of the richest people in the world. A one-bedroom apartment in Knightsbridge’s famous One Hyde Park apartment block can cost up to 6.6 million pounds (roughly $10.8 million), and a 16,000 sq ft, two-story penthouse there sold this year for 140 million pounds (around $229 million, or 4,580 years’ worth of service from a professional blunt roller).

Radionova’s Mercedes CLS 350 retails for around 25,000 pounds ($41,000) and the crystal encrusting cost approximately $32,800. Radionova told the MailOnline, “’The people who did it came over from Russia and worked for 12 hours a day for two months on the car.” Whatever you think of the car, Radionova is prepared to do good with it, as she claims she’ll sell the car for charity when she’s ready to give it up. What charity that will be isn’t known yet, but you can be sure you’ll find out when she tweets, Instagrams, Facebooks, sends out a press release and wears a crystal-encrusted sandwich sign announcing her choice.








Alex Penfold Images via MailOnline

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